Preserving History Through Memorials–Victorian Style

To be frank, I did not understand the ballyhoo about keeping loved ones’grave headstones properly marked or clean until my genealogical search for my GGG-Grandmother dead-ended. Then a recommendation was made for me to continue my genealogical search by tracing her lineage through cemetery surveys. Lo and behold, I found her burial location along with seven other relatives within a six month time period.

As a result, I better understand why organizations such as, and not limited to, the “Order of the Confederate Rose,” an auxiliary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and “The Auxiliary of the Sons of Union Veterans” portrait living histories, proactively participate in memorial services, and promote historical educational events.

For those who do not believe the importance of memorials, the next time you are conducting genealogical research, try tracing your ancestors solely via their gravesites.  I did and the journey brought three generations of my family closer together. Plus, I met many wonderful people along the way.

Auxiliary to the Sons of Union VeteransYarmouth, Maine

Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans
Yarmouth, Maine

Order of the Confederate Rose, an Auxilary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Order of the Confederate Rose
An Auxiliary of the SCV
Granite Falls, North Carolina
Deo Vindice

Highlighting the good in humanity,
Ann DeWitt