Reinventing 19th Century Classic–Victorian Style

The clothes are disposable. The attitude is priceless. ~Upper Attitude

The featured photograph is an oil painting called “Portrait of a Girl” by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. The unknown model adorns a 19th century dress from the late 1850’s.

When masterminds come together in the spirit of reinventing classic, the world beholds in the 21st century a specific moment from the past. In the picture below, Fashion Designer Christian Louboutin and Fashion Photographer Peter Lippman reinvent the 1857 Portrait of a Girl oil painting into a classic Fall 2011 Christian Louboutin advertising campaign.  Indeed, Christian Louboutin captures the fountain of youth.

In similar fashion, Civil War Living Historians preserve important elements from the past–minus the high heels,of course.

Portrait of a Girl (left) by Jean CorotShoe Campaign (right) by Christian Louboutin

Portrait of a Girl (left) by Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Shoe Campaign (right) by Christian Louboutin